Custom Framing Guide for Art and Photos

Need to custom-frame some artwork but feel overwhelmed by all the choices? You’re not alone. Selecting a frame can be overpowering for many people. Aside from the different colors and finishes, you’ve got to consider scale, the design of the piece and whether to use a mat or two — or three. Conservation, acidity, and UV- and infrared-blocking capabilities come into the mix too. This is an excellent, concise custom framing guide for art and photos. It covers mat materials and scale, frame selection, framing trends, types of glass and offers good general guidelines for framing. It even has a section on ‘going frameless’ for paintings on a canvas stretched over wood stretcher bars and giclee prints. The product information and detail is accurate and comprehensive, and it’s easily understandable for anyone not involved in the industry. It can help you get in the right frame of mind to make educated choices.

Your Guide to Custom Framing Photos and Art

Get the lowdown on framing materials, methods and more! From Karen Egly-Thompson, a former interior designer turned interiors writer with degrees in art and interior design

.Custom Framing Guide for art and photos