Transform Memories into Artwork with Gallery Moments

Four Corners Gallery is very excited to announce we have added another layer to our in-house photo services. Partnering with longtime supplier, Larson Juhl, we are now offering Gallery Moments, a high-quality, photographic transformation service. We can assist you in bringing those cell phone photos you scroll through to a more tangible captured memory you can enjoy daily or share with friends and family. A favorite photo from a small screen can be made into a beautiful work of art on canvas, acrylic or metal.

Gallery Moments Painted Moments

The process is easy. Bring in your phone or email the photo you’d like to have converted. We will assist you in determining the best size and discuss the printed material options. Our added bonus is our in-house photo restoration service that allows us to make adjustments to your images if preferred/needed. Once the details are settled and you place your order, it can be shipped to us, straight to you, or to the doorstep of your loved one.

Painted Moments – Photos can become unique works of art on canvas. Choose from three styles: signature realistic, impressionistic, or modern painting. Academy trained artists first recreate the photo by digitally painting it. Once it’s printed on satin canvas, textural brushstrokes are added by hand to the canvas. The end result is very similar to an oil painting. Your painting can be ordered as an unframed gallery wrap, or you can select a custom frame for it that complements your art and personal décor. Canvases are available in 16 x 20, 20 x 24 or 24 x 30 and can be stretched to be framed or gallery wrapped to remain unframed.

Brilliant Moments – Images are printed and mounted directly onto the back of a 1/4” sheet of clear polished acrylic to produce a stunning presentation. This look gives maximum depth and richness of color in an ultra-brilliant format whether you choose to have it float away from the wall with a hidden hanging system, have it hang with silver standoffs in the corners, or dress it up with a frame. Acrylic-mounted photos are available in select sizes from 8 x 8 to 40 x 60.

Modern Moments – Printed on 1/16” thick aluminum, this process produces richly colored prints that are durable and lightweight with a high sheen that complements rich colors. A glossy, photo panel overlays the original photo print and there’s a built-in key-holed hanging block on the back. Art on aluminum looks great unframed or featured within floater frames to create a modern look. Metal-mounted photos are available in sizes from 8 x 8 to 40 x 60.

Gallery Moments MetalWhen selecting your photo, it’s important to remember that not all digital images can be enlarged and printed without losing clarity. For the best image and sharpness, printing from at least a 300 ppi (pixels per inch) file is recommended. The resolution of an image is affected by the pixels per inch or the number of pixels per inch of the image as seen on a computer screen. A pixel is the smallest visible unit of a digital image, or basically a small square of color. The higher the number of pixels, the clearer and crisper the image will appear on a screen, and the better the image will be when it’s printed. You’ll also want to keep the image proportions in mind. We can help you determine the image size and resolution if you aren’t sure. And our expertise in composition, color enhancement, and removing distractive elements will make your photos look professional.

Gallery Moments are meant to last. Canvas prints offer color quality and display permanence for 95 years, The inks used for acrylic prints are rated 100+ years and the paper substrate is estimated at over 60 years. Metal prints are rated 1.7x the lifespan of the best photo materials in the market. We know you’ll be very pleased with the high quality of your finished piece.

The finished piece can be shipped here to the gallery so you can choose a custom frame from our large selection when it arrives, or we can have it sent directly to you. Brilliant Moments acrylic prints and Modern Moments metal prints ship within 4 business days from the time the image is received. Painted Moments ship in 8 business days. We know you’ll be very pleased with the high quality of your finished piece. For more information about Gallery Moments, please visit


by Leah Karol