Art Restoration

Art Restoration and Conservation

Four Corners Gallery offers both art restoration and conservation of works on paper. From antique to modern pieces, our services extend to prints, watercolors, pastels, drawings, photographs, documents, certificates, manuscripts, letters, maps, posters and memorabilia. We have restored artworks by Audubon, Warhol, Picasso, Miro, and more. While we are qualified to handle valuable artwork, we are also honored to work on personal pieces that may hold only sentimental value.

Damage to works on paper originates from poor environmental conditions, framing, handling and mishaps. These problems detract from both your enjoyment of the piece and the value.

The following is a list of damage that we commonly see and can remedy:

  • acid burn – browning/yellowing of the paper; also makes paper brittle
  • mat burn – brown line of acid burn around image
  • foxing – corroding particles in paper create unsightly brown spotting
  • acidic backing and/or matting – can cause acid burn if not removed
  • tape and adhesive – will stain paper if not removed
  • poor frame conditions – while a piece may seem protected behind glass or framing that may be contemporary to the piece, this could very well be the worst environment for paper; acidic materials, paper in direct contact with glass, trapped insect droppings or mold spores and humidity can deteriorate a piece
  • water damage – rippling, mold/mildew and staining can all occur from exposure to moisture
  • insect damage – silverfish eat paper and pigment; droppings can deteriorate and stain paper
  • creasing, deep folds, wrinkles, cockles and rippling
  • surface dirt – dust, soot, fingerprints, hair, fur and insect droppings
  • abrasions – scuffs, shiny marks, scratches with pigment loss, textural damage
  • tears, holes and missing paper
  • pigment loss, cracking and fading

“We greatly value the role you play as a liaison with conservators, facilitating the best available treatment option for our artwork before any framing work can even begin.”  Jim & Robin Meador-Woodruff collectors

“In December of 2013 our home was struck by lightening and destroyed by fire, smoke and water damage. The Four Corners team swooped in like heroes to help us days after the fire to salvage the art and photographs that had survived. They unframed, dried out, sorted and documented our treasures. I’ll never forget the care, sensitivity and dedication they showed during this intensely stressful period of our lives. It was a relief to know that our things were in such caring and professional hands.”  Patty B. & David Driscoll collectors

Click on the image below to view behind-the-scenes details of recent art restorations we were privileged to work on.