Custom Framing for Flat Screen Televisions

Surround a wall mounted flat screen television with a beautiful custom frame to give your room a more finished look. Custom framing for flat screen televisions can be coordinated with your décor to create an attractive focal point or a less conspicuous look. We can help you create a custom frame for your TV that will complement your room and hide unattractive hanging brackets.

Custom Framing Flat Screen Televisions

There are many creative possibilities to consider when choosing a frame to add some style to your wall-hung flat screen television. Framing alone can tastefully conceal the television. Incorporate the TV into a new or a existing gallery wall. Or cover the television with a canvas when not in use and it will look like artwork. Our staff of professionals can help you determine a plan that best fits the environment and your vision for the room. We can assist you with the selection and safe installation of a frame to add beauty to your room and eliminate electronic eyesores.

Start by choosing moulding with substantial depth to house a wall-mounted television such as shadow box moulding or stacked frames. The moulding can be selected according to your personal preference and decor. We’ll come measure the mounted television’s size and determine the necessary depth for the frame. The frame will be custom built in our gallery. It will then be delivered it to your home or office, and our experienced professional staff will securely install it.

Custom Framing Flat Screen TelevisionsWe were very excited to assist a local client who wanted to disguise a television in the main room when she had guests come to her home. She commissioned Birmingham artist Kate Merritt Davis to paint a floral scene for a cover for the television and hired us for the framing. We began with construction of the frame. First we determined the size, then cut an opening in a metal panel and used fabric to wrap the metal. Kate’s acrylic painting was stretched onto canvas with wood supports and sized according to the television measurements. We then assembled and installed the stunning new piece above the fireplace. Our client is so happy to have a unique creation that enhances her home for both entertaining and personal enjoyment.

Custom Framing Flat Screen Televisions
Gallery walls are very popular and a fun way to bring some personality and creativity to a room. To create a gallery wall, surround the mounted television with a group of artwork, photos, and favorite items. The art becomes a visual field for the television, helping it to blend with your décor and become less of a focal point in the room. Our staff can help you curate your television gallery wall and perform a safe, secure installation.

The framing and installation process can be completed in as little as three weeks. Come in or call today and let us help you frame your mounted flat screen television to create a look for your home or workplace that you’ll love to show-off.


Custom Framing Perspectives

There are many choices available today in framing materials for creating beautiful custom frames. Frames have traditionally been made from wood, and we have over three thousand beautiful options for wood frames including top-of-the line European moldings. We also offer many intriguing opportunities for creating a unique frame with leather, acrylic, steel or aluminum. All of these high-quality frames are a good investment that will help protect your artwork for years to come.


Distinctive handcrafted leather covered frames have beauty, character, and durability. Our high-quality leather wrapped frames are made of fine Peruvian material from House of Mercier and crafted by expert leatherworkers who have been trained in the horse saddle manufacturing business. The leather of each of the frame is hand tooled with designs that enhance the unique qualities of the leather in each piece.

leather custom frames

“Our people used to work in the saddle business, providing to the horseman the well-known El Caballo Paso saddles. Each hide has been carefully chosen. We look for the right quality and age that will allow the proper tooling, texture and finishing. Every piece is handmade by our expert craftsman who use special tools to create the beautiful patterns developed exclusively for House of Mercier.

The hand tooling is an ancient technique used in Peru for more than 500 years. House of Mercier uses only high quality products for the mounting and the finishing. Long legacies of the technique and experience have been handed down over generations to produce these quality products.

All of the accessories or ornaments as buttons, stitching, and hand tooling, are planned to show the authenticity of the leather in each piece. Completely unique. The House of Mercier Line is developed by our own designers and craftsmanship. The materials that we use are carefully chosen to achieve a quality end product” (Raul Mercier).


Handcrafted, seamless, high-grade acrylic custom frames from Prisma are both beautiful and versatile. These frames can have a contemporary or retro look and compliment both traditional and modern settings. Color, shape and pattern can be combined for original frame creations in clear or sanded finishes.

acrylic custom framesPart art and part science, Prisma Frames combine engineering ingenuity with a passion for great picture frame design. Bella Moulding, the parent company to Prisma, is proud to offer designs that spill outside the limits of traditional picture framing. Bella Moulding is a national distributor of distinctly creative and beautiful picture frame moulding.

Filling a unique niche for extraordinary framing, Prisma Frames are highly sought after in galleries and frame shops from coast to coast. Prisma Frames find a home in any residential or commercial design-driven environment.

Choose from nine shapes with subtle curves or clean lines. Sharp or rounded corners can be combined with convex or concave exteriors. There are 46 vibrant colors to choose from and 19 artistic options for continuous, repeating patterns.


Welded steel frames range in finish from sleek and sophisticated to rough and industrial.

steel custom frames

Each shape can be left raw, showing off the original mill scale and character of the steel itself, or ground to a fine finish and then tinted in one of several beautiful finish colors. The finishes we apply to our welded steel frames contain UV protective components and form a durable coating that will protect the metal from corrosion and oxidation.

Whether you are seeking an urban, industrial feel for an artist’s loft or a clean, contemporary look for a gallery space, our welded steel frames make an indelible impression.






Custom Framing Guide for Art and Photos

Need to custom-frame some artwork but feel overwhelmed by all the choices? You’re not alone. Selecting a frame can be overpowering for many people. Aside from the different colors and finishes, you’ve got to consider scale, the design of the piece and whether to use a mat or two — or three. Conservation, acidity, and UV- and infrared-blocking capabilities come into the mix too. This is an excellent, concise custom framing guide for art and photos. It covers mat materials and scale, frame selection, framing trends, types of glass and offers good general guidelines for framing. It even has a section on ‘going frameless’ for paintings on a canvas stretched over wood stretcher bars and giclee prints. The product information and detail is accurate and comprehensive, and it’s easily understandable for anyone not involved in the industry. It can help you get in the right frame of mind to make educated choices.

Your Guide to Custom Framing Photos and Art

Get the lowdown on framing materials, methods and more! From Karen Egly-Thompson, a former interior designer turned interiors writer with degrees in art and interior design

.Custom Framing Guide for art and photos