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Photo Restoration

Photo restoration can repair the vast majority of issues with your family heirlooms and memories. All photographs deteriorate with age. Yellowing, cracking and color fading are inevitable even under ideal conditions.

Four Corners Gallery can return badly stained and cracked photographs to their original detail, or even beyond. We use state-of-the-art digital imaging techniques to fashion new, unblemished prints of your cherished photographs to share with friends and family. We utilize only the finest materials to ensure their survival — Epson Ultra Chrome pigmented inks that will last 100 years or longer and acid-free archival papers of all kinds. Improvements can be made by enhancing contrast, sharping details, adjusting the color balance, removing blemishes, and repairing torn or missing pieces. Similarly, we can eliminate unwanted details, such as distracting background patterns, to improve the composition of the photo. With our in-house photo restoration department, your valuable photographs will stay here in Birmingham. Ask for a free evaluation of your damaged or faded photos. We think you’ll be pleased to hear how much can be done to bring them back to life.

“I don’t have to worry about the care they take with precious family photos.” Tom Davidson collector


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