Oodles of Shadowboxes

Shadowbox frames provide the best opportunity to display three-dimensional objects and can be exhibited individually or in groupings. Shown below are some examples of shadowboxes we designed and built for various clients. For more shadowbox framing inspiration check out our Pinterest page.


company logo with pen collection

pen collection with company logo


metal figurines collected during a trip to the far East shadowbox

metal figurines collected during a trip to the Far East


gold figurine

gold figurine


dried sea fan collected on a snorkling trip shadowbox

dried sea fan coral collected on a snorkling trip


sport uniform jerseys

sport uniform jerseys

Minolta DSC

antique doll shadowbox

antique doll


volunteer of the year award shadowbox

volunteer of the year award


brooch shadowbox

antique broach


photo of a client's first car and 8 track collection shadowbox

photo of a client’s first car and 8-track collection




mementos from a very special dinner


golf shadowbox

golf ball and mementos from a remarkable trip


mother-of-the-bride shadowbox

a handkerchief given as a gift to the mother-of-the-bride


infant shadowbox

outfit baby came home in from the hospital and his newborn photos


Violin shadowbox

hand-painted violin


musical instruments shadowbox

antique musical instruments in lighted boxes


mushroom collection in a shadowbox

petrified mushroom collection


antique records collection shadowbox

antique vinyl record collection


Peruvian Dolls in shadowbox

Peruvian dolls


Rubins Award Flat Small shadowbox

Ruben Studdard compact disc


antique spoon collection in a shadowbox

antique spoon collection



autographed Widespread Panic cd framed shadowbox

autographed Widespread Panic compact disc