Coca Cola Shadowbox

This special project features vintage items from a Coca-Cola bottling company.

Vintage Coca-Cola bottling company photo

Our client had this antique photo,

custom shadowbox Birmingham, AL vintage Coke crate

a cancelled check from 1936, and a collection of bottles. He asked us to use these family heirlooms to create a cohesive display for his home.

vintage Coke crate custom framing birmingham

So we sourced this vintage bottle crate. After a little repurposing, we had the proper size and a shelf to line the bottles up from oldest to newest, showing the evolution in size and shape of the Coca-Cola bottle from this bottling company over the years.

Coca-Cola custom Shadowbox frame

So all that was left was to mount the remaining items and then finish the piece off with glass. This custom shadow box turned out beautifully and makes for a very special conversation piece in our happy client’s home.

Coca-Cola custom Shadowbox frame